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Puntland Cabinet approves controversial Amendment to the constitution

Garoowe May 05, 2023 (SD) – The Council of Ministers of Puntland has approved a controversial amendment to the Puntland Constitution, which increases the number of political parties allowed to participate in local government elections.

The Council of Ministers decided to revise Article 46 of the Constitution currently allowing for the registration of up to three political parties in Puntland, the proposed amendment will permit up to five political parties to contest local government elections.

The revision was approved by the Puntland Council of Ministers and will be presented to the Puntland Parliament for final approval before May 25th, election day.

The Council’s decision to amend the Puntland Constitution has been welcomed by some political parties, who see it as an opportunity to expand the political space and create a more inclusive democratic process.

However, the move has also raised concerns among opposition politicians who are calling for a longer period of consultation with the government of President Said Deni, who has been in power for only six months.

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