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Puntland Captures Daesh Foreign Fighters

BOSSASO (SD) – The Somali state government of Puntland has presented detainees said to be foreigners and who belong to Daesh.

The seven members of the group were said to be from the Oromo people of Ethiopia.

The PSF forces of the Puntland administration arrested the militants while on route to the Gal-Gala mountains in the Bari region.

This group was arrested by Puntland security forces in a recent security sweep in the port city of Bossaso.

The 7 people arrested are the largest number of militants arrested so far. The army has previously arrested other fighters from Al-Shabaab and Daesh.

The Daesh group that is fighting in the mountains of Puntland has not yet addressed Puntland forces claims of arresting their members.

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