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Puntland Consultative Conference concludes with an ultimatum to the Federal Government

Garowe (SD) – Puntland State of Somalia have issued a press release at the conclusion of their three-day consultative meeting in Garowe.

The Consultative conference proposed to strengthen the unity of Somalia, through the federal system.

The conference also called for the postponement of finalizing the federal constitution of Somalia, as the current process has not been inclusive, according to the statement.

The statement from the conference accuses the Somali federal government of violating the federal system, overextending its authority and suppressing political opponents.

According to the communiqué, the conference condemned military intervention in the South West and Galmudug elections, as well as in Gedo.

In addition, Puntland has boycotted the federal electoral law, passed by the two Houses of the Somali Parliament, signed by President Farmajo, calling it a violation of the Constitution and the laws of the country, and will return the country to the 4.5-share clan system.

Article 10 of the Communiqué articulates that Puntland Government, on behalf of its people, can take any decision it sees fit, if the Federal Government of Somalia continues ignore to implement the agreed upon Government system.

The forum, which has been attended by more than a thousand delegates from Puntland government, traditional leaders, politicians and Puntland members of the federal government concluded today in Garowe.

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