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Puntland Darawish forces take over Badhan town

Badhan (SD) – Puntland forces have been deployed in Badhan town in Sanaag region in response to the arrival of individuals from Somaliland, who were registering voters for an upcoming elections.

The Puntland military command has suspended security operations by the local police in Badhan and handed over control to Darawish forces, recent graduates of Puntland training camps.

Puntland Darawish forces in the Sanaag region have been ordered to prevent Somaliland from gaining political access or support in the region and city of Badhan.

All Puntland military officers deployed in Bandhan have been instructed to crack down on drug traffickers, especially alcohol, the use of which have been on the rise in the city in recent times.

A delegation led by Puntland speaker of the house have been visiting the region in recent days.

The whereabout of Somaliland’s regional staff and troops in Badhan are unknown.

Somaliland government which recently conducted a voter registration in Badhan and other areas under its control, has so far not issued any statement regarding Puntland take over of Badhan.

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