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Puntland denies supporting ASWLJ

Galkayo (SD) – The governor of Puntland’s Mudug region Abdullatif Muse Nur (Sanyare) who held a press conference in Galkayo yesterday denying rumors that Puntland supported Ahlu Sunna in Guriel.

Sanyare dismissed reports that Puntland was involved in the fighting in Guriel between Alhusunna and Galmudug.

“Puntland recognizes that Galmudug is a well-established regional state our neighbors and brothers and that its progress and well-being is beneficial to Puntland, Its collapse and decline is a problem for Puntland, ”said Sanyare.

Sanyare pointed out that the allegations were not made by Galmudug politicians and intellectuals, however, it is being propagated by vested interests.

Sanyare’s statement came at a time when Galmudug President Ahmed Qoorqoor said yesterday that there are politicians and administrations supporting Ahlu Sunna in Guriel, although he did not name them.

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