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Somaliland pulls out of a Resolution agreement with Oldon, reveals charges against him

Hargeisa (SD) – Abdimalik Muse Oldon was arraigned in Marodijeh Regional Court yesterday after 60 days in Mandera Prison, he was reportedly read the charges against him, including allegations made by Barwaaqo University.

Oldon’s lawyer, Jamal Hussein Ahmed Mandela, described the trial as “illegal”. In an interview with BBC Somali Service, Mandela said he had been arrested illegally and taken to court without notice.

“We view Abdimalik’s arrest and detention for over 60 days illegal, he was to be remanded every 7 days, he was suddenly and without warning brought to court yesterday, neither I nor his family were notified.” said Mandela.

Mandela added that he and Abdimalik had been told in the past that his case would be settled traditionally, and they were not ready to argue in court.

Oldon was reportedly told that he was being held on charges filed by the Abaarso Network, and according to Mandela, he was not allowed to meet with his family and lawyer before the proceedings.

Last August, Oldon accused Hargeisa Cultural Center and Abaarso School of spreading Christian culture. Both have vehemently denied the allegations. He was arrested soon after.

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