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Puntland Electoral Commission Chairman Explains Reasons for his Resignation

GAROWE (SD) – The chairman of the Puntland Electoral Commission, Guled Salah Barre, who recently resigned from his post, gave details of his resignation today.

The Chairman of the Puntland Electoral Commission, claimed that one person one vote elections in Puntland is surrounded by political, financial challenges.

“We’ve been making a lot of noise for two and a half years and we’re tired. It is not possible for the recently elected council officials not to sit until today. How can I tell the nation to the other elections will take place” he said.

The chairman also said that President Deni did not agree with him on how to run the elections, declining to elaborate on the points of contention with the president.

“How is it possible for us to continue an election process without a judiciary?, There is no funding for the program and we are told to fundraise and we do not our budgeted funds. ” he said.

He added that the Puntland administration led by Said Deni has neglected the commission and those were the reasons for the resignation of the chairman and his deputy.

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