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Puntland executes 21 militants

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland forces in Galkayo executed 18 men recently sentenced to death, after being found guilty of being members of Al-Shabaab and committing murders in Galkayo.

Officials at the Puntland Military Court said the number of people initially sentenced to death was 17, However, the court reversed the cases of the other defendants, which brings the total number of executed in Galkayo this morning to 18.

In Garowe, two people convicted of being members of Al-Shabaab were also executed this morning, while a third militant was executed in Qardho.

“The military tribunal has been working for some time to eradicate the culprits from the Mudug region. Puntland investigators have played a key role and everyone has been investigated before being brought to justice,” said the Chairman of the Puntland Supreme Court Gen. Mohamed Abdi Mohamud.

Puntland has sentenced to death and executed men were found to be members of Al-Shabaab and ISIS, making today’s executed the largest number yet.

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