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Puntland forces arrest journalist Ahmed Bootan for covering president Deni’s speech

Bossaso (SD) – Puntland forces have arrested journalist Ahmed Botan, as confirmed by journalists and relatives of the journalist.

Journalist Botan arrest comes after he asked the people of Bossaso for their views on last night’s speech by Puntland President Said Deni, which they opposed.

Several journalists have been arrested in the last few years in Puntland while on duty, and Somali media organizations have expressed concern over the detention of journalists in Bossaso.

Security officials in Bossaso did not comment on the journalist’s arrest, but it is likely that it is because of him reporting on the opinions of the people of Bossaso, regarding the president’s speech last night.

“NUSOJ condemns the arrest of an independent journalist Ahmed Botan Arab in Bossaso on accusations of “spreading misinformation” after conducting Vox-pop on how the people see the speech of Puntland leader Said Deni about the political situation in Somalia.” NUSOJ said in an statement.

Somalia is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists to work in, according to journalists’ rights groups.

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