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Somali foreign minister briefs UN on the situation in the country

Mogadishu (SD) – Somali Foreign Minister Mohamed Abdirizak Mohamud briefed the UN Security Council on the country’s current situation including the election dispute, and the Federal Government’s policy to hold elections in Somalia, so that the Somali people have the opportunity to elect their leaders.

“On the present political impasse on the implementation of the 17 September agreement, context is important. The Federal Government of Somalia has worked consistently in a determined manner to hold a Federal election as stipulated by the provisional constitution. It should be noted soon after the commencement of this administration, work to implement the holding of OPOV began, simply, in order to ensure the widest participation of citizens to choose their leaders for the first time in 50 years.” Said Minister Mohamed.

The minister gave details of the technical meetings between the Federal Government and State Governments that eventually led to the preparation of the Draft National Electoral Law passed by the Federal Government of Somalia, and approved by a majority vote of both Houses of Parliament, signed by the President.

“As stipulated both by the political agreement and the subsequent election law, the process was to be led by the National Independent Electoral Commission (NIEC). However, within a short period the FMS leaders reneged on the early agreement on OPOV and instead expressed a preference for a selection model, similar to the one used in 2016, were the leadership of the FGS and FMS in effect choose the members of both houses the Federal Parliament who would then become the electors of the president and speakers.” Said the minister.

Somalia’s foreign minister noted that the Somali government had made many concessions in the run-up to the elections, but that the leaders of the two regional states of Jubbaland and Puntland had always been a constant obstacle.

“Regrettably after all of this they, the penholders of this agreement continue to refuse to implement the political agreement requesting further concessions after another to address perceived concerns with regards to the Gedo region and the election committees.” minister Mohamed told the security council.

The minister told the UN security council that Somali government was ready to complete and operate the agreement reached by the Baidoa Technical Group on resolving electoral concerns.

Somalia’s foreign minister has addressed the opposition’s right to peaceful protest “The Government fully recognizes the right to peacefully demonstrate as a right guaranteed by the Constitution. We are committed to providing the Somali people with the opportunity to express themselves and their demands without undermining public order or destroying public or private property.”

Adding “However, the prospective presidential candidates not only disregarded the Government’s measures but chose a clear path of illegality and insurrection. They chose to bring forth a militia out on to the streets of Mogadishu and in fact the head of this militia openly stated in public and I quote “there is no government, and we are taking control”.

The Minister concluded by telling the Security Council that Somalia faces a bright future “Somalia has truly come a very long way on a journey in which many thought it would not make it past the first few hurdles.

Somalia’s economic success is a fruit of the collective efforts of the Somali Government, People and our valuable international partners. The Somali People are resilient and committed to building a better future for themselves of which they can be proud.”

UN Security Council meeting comes at a time when Somalia faces political turmoil due to delayed elections.

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