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Puntland forces heading to Lasqoray

Lasqoray (SD) – Reports from Sanaag region say that a military operations are underway in areas near the coastal district of Lasqoray, according to locals who spoke with the media.

The move comes after Al-Shabaab claimed to have taken control of more than 4 villages in Lasqoray district in recent days.

The reporting adds that commander of Puntland’s Darwish forces, General Abdullahi Omar Anshur, and his forces have left Badhan for the troubled regions.

There were no official statement regarding this reported troop movement.

There are no known planned similar ministry operations by Somaliland forces in Sanaag regions.

Witnesses in some of the said regions, who spoke with local media, confirmed that there is no Al Shabab forces in their regions, but occasionally came in and out as their shopped.

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