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Prime Minister Roble meets with FESOJ Officials

Mogadishu (SD) – Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble today met in his office with FESOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Moalimuu and FESOJ Training Director Farah Nur and other FESOJ officials.

FESOJ Secretary General Mohamed Ibrahim Nur spoke on his Facebook page about the meeting.

“Prime Minister Roble, who seemed to be spitting out his heartfelt remarks, saying he personally believed that the media was the backbone of government, the government is therefore focusing on addressing the allegations and generally guaranteeing freedoms of speech and of the media.” Said PM Roble.

Prime Minister said that the media needs to be accurate in their coverage “Prime Minister Mohamed Hussein Roble said the media had a great responsibility and needed to report the facts independently but not on speculations and baseless allegations, citing as an example that he had seen websites postings on something different than what he had said with a recordings available.”

FESOJ Secretary Moalimuu concluded his post with hopeful remarks on their meeting with the PM “Prime Minister Roble’s cabinet includes four former journalist, therefore, the media hopes that the meeting was a “Blessed Start” for all of us to work together to create an environment and understanding and cooperation that allows the media to have a safe environment in which to live and work and stand for the development and prosperity of this country.”

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