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Puntland forces kill ISIS members in Bari region

Bossaso (SD) – The Puntland Security Forces (PSF) say they have killed ISIS members who were setting off roadside bombs on the road between Hamure village and Balidhidin district in Bari region.

A statement from the PSF said, “The PSF, in collaboration with other Puntland forces, has succeeded in eliminating ISIS members who have been planting bombs and landmines on the road between Hamure and Balidhidin in the Bari region.”

Among the members killed by the PSF was a man who had previously recorded and posted on the Internet, a convoy of security forces being targeted in an explosion a few days ago.

“Today he wanted to record the same bombings against the Puntland Defense Forces but the forces intervened,” said a PSF official.

PSF did not mention the number of ISIS members killed or wounded in the fighting, and there are no independent sources confirming PSF claims in those areas.

Pictures of the slain men and their belongings have been posted on social media, the incident follows a few days after Puntland state executed more than 20 members who are suspected of being members of al-Shabab and ISIS.

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