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Puntland forces mobilized to block Somaliland’s voter registration efforts in Cayn regions

Ayn (SD) – The latest reports from the Ayn region say that Puntland’s Darwiish forces have blocked a plan by the Somaliland government to conduct voter registration in the region.

Police in armored vehicles have been seen patrolling area’s including Xararanka, hagoogane, Maygagle, Kalshale, Gocondhaale and Cegaagle, with officials confirming they want to obstruct voter registration for Somaliland’s upcoming elections.

Commander of the Puntland Darwiish Forces in the Ayn Region, Colonel Abdirahman Abdullahi Ahmed Nur (Af-weyne), told local media that his forces managed to prevent Somaliland from conducting voter registration in those areas.

Puntland forces in Ayn region say they have raised awareness among local communities about Somaliland’s voter registration efforts, so that the community rejects Somaliland’s plans, and they have succeeded.

The commander of the Somali forces, Nuh Tani, is currently in the area and was seen touring militarized zones.

The Somaliland government has so far not issued any statement on the fight against the voter registration campaign in Ayn and surrounding regions.

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