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Somaliland Government spends $ 70,000 on Social Media Trolls

Hargeisa (SD) – The Somaliland government has reportedly spent nearly a hundred dollars on what it calls Somaliland’s defense on social media.

Muse Bihi’s government is criticized for suppressing the independent media and for using trolls to muzzle dissidents and social media personalities.

A report published by also discusses the takeover of SOLJA by the Bihi government, which recently appointed one of its employees as head of the Journalist watchdog.

The move was largely boycotted by prominent Somaliland Journalists at home and abroad.

“This is not the only effort by the Somaliland government and Minister Kore to bring the media under government control, in 2020, the Ministry of Information and National Guidance has spent nearly 70,000 US dollars on various outlets for what it calls “defending Somaliland’s interest on social media“. Said the report.

Adding “The bulk of the funds went to few individuals and media outlets include Qaran News, Oodweyne News among others. Minister Kore decline to comment on the nature of the payment to these individuals and media outlets. Repeated calls to reach Mr. Kore were unsuccessful.”

The mentioned news outlets didn’t respond to the allegation. At the time of printing this article.

The government did not use the tax payers funds to defend the country’s reputation but rather paid the trolls to defend themselves against all credible allegations, including defrauding public funds and lack of leadership.

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