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Puntland forces target Somaliland officials in Buhodle

BUHODLE (SD) – Puntland security forces are reportedly conducting military operations in Buhodle district in Cayn region, targets Somaliland officials.

The operations are aimed at members of the pro-Somaliland government, who are present in the region, with some supporters of Somaliland been arrested.

Buhodle is one of the few districts in Sool and Cayn regions, which are under Puntland control.

Units of Puntland’s Darawish Forces trained at a military academy in the Mudug region were recently deployed to the town.

Somaliland’s interior minister, Mohamed Kahin Ahmed, said they are aware of Puntland’s intrusion into the region but did not want a military solution to the conflict in Buhodle.

Minister Mohamed Kahin also said that Somaliland is monitoring the number and movement of Puntland forces in Buhodle.

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