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Puntland government commits to one Person one Vote

Garowe (SD) The President of Puntland Said Abdullahi Deni has announced that his administration will hold ‘one person and one vote’ elections in the regional state, while delivering a speech at the opening of the Kaah political party conference yesterday.

Puntland has started implementing a multi-party system, which President Deni said was his administration vision and Puntland has longed for since its inception.

Deni said his administration is committed to holding a ‘one person and one vote’ election, which gives the citizens back the power to elect their leaders.

“Circumstances have not allowed Puntland to have such an opportunity, which is to hold a one person one vote. I thank the people of Puntland for their genuine demand for elections and for asking their electoral power back, ”said President Deni.

This is not the first time the regional administration declared to hold one person one vote, those previous attempts failed due to lack of transparency and political infrastructure.

President Deni commitment to one person one vote is coming at a time when his admiration is opposing the federal government in holding similar elections in the country.

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