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Puntland Government doubles down on election reform

Garoowe June 24, 2023 (SD) – Puntland’s Minister of Information, Mahamoud Aideed Dirir discussed the upcoming presidential elections, which are still a subject of contention between the government and opposition members.

The minister highlighted the challenges surrounding the timing of the presidential elections, as opposition parties are insisting on not postponing them beyond the designated date in January.

Despite their objections, Dirir emphasized that the presidential elections would take place as they schedule them, aiming to promote democratization.

The reason for their decision, he said is to avoid tribal-based elections but to ensure the institutionalization of the political system and the participation of political parties.

Furthermore, he argued that the current critics of the Puntland government’s handling of elections are individuals who are not interested in improving the electoral process, as he indicated in his speech.

Additionally, minister Dirir’s comments added fuel to the ongoing disagreement between President Deni, who is accused of seeking to extend his term in office, and the opposition, who are massing their forces in the regional capital.

The situation remains volatile, and Garowe, the capital city, is still tense, having witnessed clashes between the two sides in the past few days.

The outcome is uncertain, but security forces continue to maintain a heavy presence in Garowe, despite the strong political debates within Puntland’s administration.

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