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Somaliland troops resumes shelling Las Anod, following a calm period

Las Anod June 24, 2023 (SD) – Six people were reported to have been killed, while several others were injured in a fierce battle and intense fighting that took place today in the city of Laascaanood.

The conflict occurred in the eastern and northern outskirts of the city, initiated by armed forces from Somaliland and the local SSC militia, who have been in a long-standing dispute over territorial control.

“The sound of gunfire started abruptly, and shortly after, chaos erupted. I saw my brother lying on the ground,” said one of the residents of Laascaanood.

The affected areas include a school where handcrafts are taught, the premises of the telecommunications company Telesom, the main hospital, several business premises, and numerous residential houses.

The city was rocked by heavy shelling and heavy gunfire as troops from Somaliland attacked the city. The fighting has been ongoing until sunset, with occasional periods of calm amidst sporadic outbursts of intense clashes.

The SSC administration committee has condemned the attack carried out by Somaliland forces on the city, accusing them of aggression and unwarranted invasion. Meanwhile, there have been no tatements from Somaliland regarding today’s conflict.

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