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Puntland imposes ban on use of private armed guards

GAROWE (SD) – Puntland state has imposed banned on use of private bodyguards and guns mounted on vehicles hours after bodyguards of Somali planning minister confronted with Puntland forces.

In a statement, Abdisamad Mohamed Gallan, Puntland Security Minister said the government will take action against individuals who have armed private forces.

Gallan affirmed that the security responsibility of the state will be managed its security forces, saying no politician or entrepreneur will be allowed to used guns mounted on vehicles and heavily armed guards.

“The security of state is the responsibility of the security forces. Maintaining the security is top priority of the administration. Nobody will allowed to have private armed forces and technical vehicles,” the minister said.

The directive comes hours after Somali planning minister, Jamal Hassan was barred from Garowe town, prompting conflict between the minister’s bodyguards and Puntland police forces.

The confrontation flared up after forces reportedly attempted to bar the minister from accessing Garowe town leaving for Dhahar, but he finally managed to enter the town.

 Hassan had returned from Dhahar town which is his constituency. The minister met with traditional elders, politicians and civil society leaders.

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