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Qatari delegation secretly visiting Hargeisa

Hargeisa (SD) – According to Waberi newspaper, a large delegation from Qatar arrived in Somaliland secretly this week.

The delegation was received by members of President Bihi’s government and accommodated them at Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa.

Sources following the delegation’s visit to Somaliland told the newspaper that the Qatari government is now working towards establishing relations with Somaliland.

The sources added planned to have them in the country and that the Qatari delegation received an official invitation from the government of President Bihi.

The delegation are reportedly staying at the Mansoor Hotel in Hargeisa and will hold talks with President Bihi and members of his government while in the country, they will also visit Berbera.

The Somaliland government has a close ties with the UAE government, a rival of the Qatari.

The governments of Somaliland and Qatar have not commented on the visit and the purpose of the Qatari delegation in Hargeisa.

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