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Puntland imposes conditions on attending Dhusamareb 3

Garowe (SD) – The Government of Puntland State of Somalia, for the first time, has officially stated its position on attending the 3rd Dhusamareb Conference.

Puntland has made its participation in the conference conditional, including the appointment of a new Prime Minister, in order to have a legitimate government that implements the previously agreed provisions.

The regional state also called for the participation of representatives from the international community in the conference, in order to find a guarantor for the implementation of the agreement reached at the conference.

Puntland Has also called for the participation of all political stakeholders in the conference and a unanimous decision on the upcoming elections.

The Puntland conditions come at a time when most of the Dhusamareb 2nd including the federal president is in Dhusamareb for 3rd conference to start.

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