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Puntland: journalists arrested for questioning court’s decision to release 7 accused killer rapists

Garowe (SD) – Puntland state authorities have reportedly arrested two journalists from Radio Daljir, a local radio station in Puntland.

Daljir Radio later confirmed that Khadar Awl Ismail, the director of Radio Daljir’s Garowe bureau, and Abdiqani Ahmed Mohamed, a reporter with Radio Daljir, were the arrested journalist in Garowe today.

The journalists were arrested after they went to the Nugal Regional Court today to seek a court response to allegations leveled against Puntland’s judiciary by the family of the late Hodan Shanlayste, a murdered rape victim, who yesterday criticized the court’s decision after it freed the accused perpetrators.

Radio Daljir called the arrests illegal and accused the judiciary of violating constitutional provisions guaranteeing freedom of expression and media freedoms.

Hodan Shanlayste, was a married woman who was raped and murdered in Garowe on April 10, 2019, and her case has been finally heard after a year and two months.

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