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Puntland launches annual exams for 16,500 students

Galkayo (SD) – Puntland State President Said Abdullahi Deni who is currently in Galkayo, today launched Puntland’s annual High School and 8th Grade Diploma Examinations for 16,500 students.

The State Ministries of Education and Health have worked together in following COVID-19 Health recommendations on social distancing, the use of hand sanitizers, masks and monitoring temperature of students, teachers and other staff.

The president has launched the annual Tests at Omar Samatar School in Galkayo, where 592 students, part of 4,138, will take the exam across Mudug region.

The total number of students participating the exams in Puntland are 16,500, of which 5,447 are secondary students and 11,053 students are taking the 8th Grade Exam.

President Deni shared his advise and congratulations with the students, wishing them success and Allah help them with the exams.

Puntland’s exams are independent of the federal government of Somalia, which led the Somali Ministry of Education last year to refuse the certification of students from Puntland, though it was later resolved.

The President was accompanied by members of this Cabinet, including the Education Authorities, Mudug Regional Administration and Galkayo District.

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