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Puntland Media Association condemns Military court sentencing of a journalist

Garowe (SD) – A military court in Puntland has sentenced journalist Kilwe Adan Farah, after recently detained by Puntland security forces.

The journalist was sentenced to three months in prison starting from his detention on December 28, 2020, leaving him with three days to go, according to the journalists collogues reports.

The trial of Kilwe Adan was heard at Garowe Central Prison and was attended by the Puntland Media Association, the Puntland Human Rights Commissioner and some journalists working in Garowe.

MAP called the court decision illegal and unconstitutional, adding that the journalist was not found guilty of any crime, making his conviction a violation of Article 87 of the Puntland Constitution.

“MAP considers Kilwe’s sentence to be unconstitutional and unacceptable and is rendered by a court of without a jurisdiction” MAP said in a statement.

MAP views such measures to be a threat to the democracy expected to develop in Puntland, which strongly defends the freedom of the press and its independence.

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