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Puntland military court orders PSF to hand over property including weapons

Bossaso (SD) – The Court Martial and Major Crimes Tribunal has for the first time issued a statement on the protection and retention of all PSF assets.

A statement from the court ordered PSF Director General Amin Abdullahi Haji Khair to take responsibility for the protection of all PSF assets.

“The Court Martial and Major Crimes Report and order the Director General of the PSF, Brigadier General Amin Abdullahi Haji Khair, to protect and take full responsibility for the weapons, vehicles, uniforms and all property of the PSF at sea and on land, and fulfill his responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution of the Puntland State of Somalia.” the court ruled.

The order comes at a time when President Deni is opposed to a series of proposed resolutions, including a clause giving the ousted director of the PSF the force’s homes and weapons.

There is still a rift between the President of Puntland and the former PSF Commander, with the two sides edging closer to major military confrontation.

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