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Puntland Municipal Voter Registration Launched

Qardho (SD) – The Acting President of Puntland State of Somalia and the Vice President Mr. Ahmed Elmi Osman Karash, today launched voter registration program in Qardho, Ely and Ufeyn districts.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony, the Acting President pointed out that the implementation of the elections is at the forefront of the Government’s plan, and efforts have been made to make it a success.
“The government has focused on getting the people of Puntland to vote for who will lead them and move beyond the tribal system we have practiced over the years, It is a great our pleasure to launch the program today.” Said Mr. Karash.

The vice president said they are encouraging political parties to make the project a reality.

“In response to the need for a multi-party system, the government has donated $ 10,000 (ten thousand dollars) to each organization to carry out its work. We are ready to work with the organizations to make this program to be successful”.

Voter registration will continue until May 29, and will be held in more than 40 polling stations in Eyl, Ufayn and Qardho districts, as planned, these will only be a test run for the elections in Puntland.

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