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Puntland: no operations were conducted by the SNA forces in the Almadow

GAROWE (SD)-The Puntland administration of Somalia has issued a statement declaring that no operations were conducted by the Somali federal government forces in the Almadow Mountains.

In a press release from the Puntland Ministry of Information, the claims made by the Somali federal government’s Ministry of Information were dismissed as unfounded. The statement clarified that no Somali National Army (SNA) forces were operating in Puntland.

Furthermore, the Puntland Ministry of Information reiterated that Puntland is committed to eradicating terrorist groups.

This statement from Puntland comes in response to comments made by the Deputy Minister of Information for Somalia, Abdirahman Yusuf, who claimed that Al-Shabaab militants, defeated in battles in the Galmudug and Hirshabelle regions, had regrouped in the mountainous areas of Bari region in Puntland.

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