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Puntland official shot dead in Garowe

Garowe (SD) – Details are emerging from an officer of the Puntland military court who was killed last night in Garowe, the capital of Puntland.

The deceased, identified as Lawyer Mohamed Mohamud Abdi, was a member of the Puntland Armed Forces Court, and it was confirmed that the gunmen fled the scene.

Heavy gunfire was heard last night in Garowe, approximately the same time the deceased was shot which took place between the Police Force and a group of drug traffickers.

The scene of the killing, not far from the deceased’s home, was reached by Puntland security forces who conducted an investigation into the incident and who was behind the killing, although no details have been released yet.

The killing comes at a time when Garowe in experiencing an uptick in crimes committed by these alcohol and drug traffickers.

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