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Puntland Opposition Groups Win Puntland Local Elections

GAROWE (SD) – Opposition parties in Puntland won two district commissioners in Puntland, leading to a major setback for President Deni and his party Kaah.

Abdi Said Qaal, a member of the Mideeye political party, was elected as the mayor of Qardho district in Karkar region yesterday.

Chairman Qaal received 20 votes, seven more than his rival Mohamed Farah Burale of the Kaah political party.

Mohamed Hayaf Said of the SINCAD political party was also elected Deputy Chairman of Qardho.

The two opposition parties, formed a political alliance, and casted their ballots in a bid to oust Kaah, which holds the largest number of seats in parliament.

In last week’s election in Ufayn district of Bari region, a candidate from SINCAD won the post of district commissioner, while Mideeye was elected deputy chairman.

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