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Puntland: Opposition Umbrella Opposes Electoral schedule

Garowe (SD) – Today, the opposition umbrella in Puntland held a meeting in the city of Garowe, the capital of Puntland, where they discussed the president’s term extension and the election schedule announced by the Puntland Electoral Commission.

In their statement, the Puntland opposition umbrella expressed concern that the Electoral Commission, which was initially established illegally by President Said Deni, has provided a flawed election schedule.

They also pointed out that PEC ignored efforts by the Puntland Cultural Elders, who are currently holding meetings in Garowe to mediate and find a solution to the election dispute.

PEC announced yesterday that the regional state will hold its first one-person-one-vote presidential and parliamentary election on Feb 24, 2024, in which the opposition is not in agreement.

Finally, the Puntland opposition umbrella assured the people of Puntland and the international community that any security issues arising from the extension of President Said Deni’s term will be his responsibility, and they will continue to push for a timely and fair Puntland election.

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