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UN Monitoring Group: Somalia continues to faces significant Challenges

NY (SD) -The United Nations Monitoring Group on Somalia has released an extensive report, comprising over a hundred pages, discussing the security situation in Somalia.

The report, which is published annually, addresses a wide range of issues, such as security, the Al-Shabaab issue, politics, humanitarian concerns, the flow of arms, and various other critical issues.

As the report indicates, Al-Shabaab remains a significant threat and can still carry out significant attacks. The report also highlights the progress made by the Somali government, its people, and international partners in combating Al-Shabaab, which has already caused considerable damage.

The report acknowledges that illegal weapons are still finding their way into Somalia, primarily through Al-Shabaab, and that there is external support for some regional clans to get weapons.

The Somali government has been commended for making efforts to disarm the population, despite the challenges of supporting federal member states in this regard.

The report also discusses the presence of Daesh (ISIS) in Somalia, emphasizing its stronghold in the Bari region of Puntland. This is despite the killing of Bilal Al-Sudani the group’s leader in January of this year.

The Las Anod conflict is also highlighted in the report, which is seen as a threat to Somalia’s peace and has had a significant impact on the residents of the city and its surroundings.

The report indicates that both Al-Shabaab and Daesh have exploited the Las Anod conflict, further undermining the security situation in the region.

The ongoing tensions between the leaders of the federal member states and the federal electoral process are identified as challenges that need to be overcome to establish a federal governance system in the country, while also pointing out the difficulties faced in establishing government institutions.

Overall, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the security and political situation in Somalia, focusing on various challenges and issues facing the country.

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