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Puntland opposition unites under one umbrella

Garowe -(SD) -A joint statement from the political opposition in Puntland, who gathered in the city of Garowe, in which they emphasized not allowing any extension of Puntland’s leadership term beyond Jan 8, 2024.

The Puntland opposition referred to recent changes to the Puntland constitution as unconstitutional and expressed their disapproval of any attempt to change the law in this manner.

The statement from the Puntland opposition indicated that they will only accept an election process that follows the previous method of electing 66 members of parliament and not one-person one vote proposed by the regional government.

They accused President Deni of pursuing a political agenda at both the national and international levels and highlighted that Puntland’s administration has become ineffective over the past two years.

Finally, the statement from the opposition conference announced the establishment of the Puntland Opposition Umbrella, which united most of Puntland’s stakeholders.

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