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Puntland Parliament delays amending the electoral law

GAROWE (SD) -The Parliament of the State of Puntland convened today in its regular session after it was adjourned following a significant disturbance on Thursday when chaos erupted during its session.

The Speaker of the Parliament, Abdurashid Yusuf Jibril, chaired the 11th session of the 53rd Parliament of the State of Puntland today.

During today’s session, 48 members were present, and discussions covered amendments to the electoral law, which President Saeed Deni had referred to the Parliament. However, the committee responsible for overseeing electoral laws recommended delaying the amendment, citing potential security concerns.

The committee’s decision was supported by up to 34 members. While the Parliament leadership recognizes the urgency of electoral law amendments, many members argue against any decision until an agreement is reached between the opposition and President Deni.

The opposition and Deni’s administration disagree on the election process in the region, with the opposition seeking continuity and President Deni proposing one person one vote.

This development has also prompted many residents to evacuate their homes, fearing renewed conflicts in the area.

Overall, stakeholders involved in the Puntland election issues are urged to engage in dialogue and avoid further escalation, especially after recent tensions in Garowe. The international community has called for restraint and a return to negotiations and peace.

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