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President Hassan launches vision 2060 on national development

MOGADISHU (SD) – The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, today launched the Centennial Vision 2060 development strategy in Mogadishu.

The conference is attended by officials from government institutions, representatives from the international community, and civil society organizations, unveiling the strategic plans aimed at uplifting the lives of the Somali people and fostering development in the nation. It was emphasized that the power lies in unity to achieve this vision.

President Hassan Sheikh, in his speech, highlighted the challenges that the Somali people face, including conflicts, security threats, natural disasters, and poverty.

“Today, we embark on a new journey, a journey that leads our country towards prosperity and progress. The Vision 2060 reflects the determination to overcome the current challenges, as we lay a strong foundation for today’s and future generations,” said President Hassan Sheikh.

The President also urged the Somali people and government officials to work together to uphold the country’s sovereignty and enhance its standing globally.

“I call on the National Economic Council to lead Vision 2060 and engage all stakeholders, including Ministers, federal agencies, regional governments, civil society organizations, business partners, and our international allies,” stated President Hassan Sheikh.

The 2060 Vision plan consists of three phases: the Short-Term Horizon (2023-2025), focusing on immediate challenges, the Mid-Term Horizon (2025-2040), centered on building institutional capabilities and good governance, and the Long-Term Horizon (2035-2060), emphasizing economic development, improving quality of life, and community participation.

The conference aims to facilitate discussions and generate ideas on how Somalia can achieve its Vision 2060, taking into account economic factors and the well-being of its citizens.

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