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Puntland: PFS arrests the man linked with recent suicide explosion

Bossaso September 22, 2022 (SD) – Puntland security officials said they have arrested the man who made the explosive laden-jacket in Milxo, Sanaag region that killed six people and injured 11 others. 

PSF Command in Bossaso issued a statement, that after a thorough investigating the security agency has arrested a member of Al-Shabaab in Bossaso.  

The man, who is said to be specialized in making explosives and Al-Shabaab operative was arrested from a house in Bossaso.  

Milxo where the explosion happened is a mining village where laborers earn their living in searching for minerals in the area.  

There have been previous clashes between Al-Shabaab and the mining laborer’s, as the extremists group are present in the vicinity . 

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