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Somaliland: Senate Chairman insinuates presidential term extension

Hargeysa September 21, 2022 (SD) – The Speaker of Somaliland Senate(Gurti), Suleiman Mohamud Aden, detailed measures the council will take concerning the November 13, 2022 presidential elections, if it isn’t held on time.

The Gurti Speaker added that they will proceed with what the constitutional laws dictates, if the President of Somaliland informs them that it cannot be done on time.

The Speaker, a staunch supporter of President Bihi insinuated and is planning a term extension for the president, according to analysts.

The Senate Speaker was asked by the media if the Senate will extend the government’s term, Suleiman Mohamud Aden Replied, “ we haven’t received any message from The President, so let the time come, when the President informs us, that presidential elections can’t be held, then it will be as Allah plans.”

The speaker’s remarks come just days after the elected House of Representatives passed an amendment to the electoral law 14, paving the way for timely elections.

However, its the unelected Guurti that has the mandate to extend the president’s term in office, leading to possible further political turmoil in the unrecognized enclave.

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