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Puntland plans to arrest lawmakers whose immunity has been revoked

Garowe (SD) -Somalia’s semi-autonomous state of Puntland has today revoked the immunity of eight members of parliament, according to reginal attorney general.

The extraordinary meeting was attended by the Attorney General of Puntland, who read out the allegations against the revoked parliamentarians in front of the House of Representatives, including allegations of violations of the rules and parliamentary ethics.

After the immunity of the eight lawmakers was lifted today, the Attorney General of Puntland announced that the former MP’s will not be able to leave Garowe until the members are brought before the Supreme Court of the administration.

The prosecutor also said they would restrict the former MPs’ movement and are being taken into custody by Puntland security forces, before being arraigned in court.

The lawmakers whose immunity was revoked today are believed to have blocked a meeting that the Puntland Minister of Planning was to go before the House of Representatives on Monday.

Puntland authorities are planning to sentence all eight lawmakers, who strongly oppose the speaker of parliament to house arrest, as previously politicians have been placed under house arrest.

The lawmakers who were stripped of their immunity are: Mohamud Ahmed Aalim, Muse Said Hassan (Jajabsay), Suleiman Farah Isse, Abdiqani Abshir Surato, Abdirahman Diriye Arab, Abdirahman Mohamud Mohamed (Dhorre), Abdiaziz Salad Gacmay (Baduugaye) and Abdijamaal Osman Mohamed.

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