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Somaliland: House of Elders Debates Foreign Policy

Hargeisa (SD) – Members of the Somaliland House of Elders met yesterday to discuss the current state of the country’s foreign policy, developments in the Horn of Africa region and other important issues.

Lawmakers have expressed differing views on Somaliland’s foreign policy, with most proposing to step up efforts to further develop the country’s foreign policy, as it connects Somaliland to the rest of the world.

Ahmed Dirir Ali, one of the MPs who addressed the session, focused on the relationship between Ethiopia and Somaliland, pointing to the new Ethiopian Prime Minister’s policy towards Somaliland and Somalia.

The lawmaker alleged Prime Minister Abi Ahmed was working to reunite Somaliland and Somalia, while the late Ethiopian Prime Minister Melez Sanawi was working to make Somaliland independent.

Lawmaker Dirir speaking on the issue said “our relationship with Djibouti and Ethiopia is good, we have representatives in their country’s and they have them here, but, our relationship with Ethiopia seems to be cooling off”.

The MP added ” Today’s Ethiopia is different from Melez Sanawi’s. Melez Sanawi used to push for Somaliland’s independence, but I have information that suggests today’s Ethiopia, led by Abiy, wants to unite Somaliland and Somalia. I will cite two examples, one is Abiy Ahmed’s attempt to bring Farmajo here (Somaliland), and the other is an upsetting statement from the Ethiopian Attorney General on the 27th of last month, which was that the Tigreans wanted to be like Somaliland, and for Ethiopia to be stateless like Somalia.”

Another member of the Guurti, who also took part in the debate, suggested that Somaliland passports be issued so citizens, so they can perform Hajj.

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