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Puntland political parties oppose local preliminary elections

Garowe (SD) – Political parties in Somalia’s regional state of Puntland have opposed to the preliminary local councils elections in Qardho, Eyl and Ufeyn districts.

A joint letter from Puntland political parties to the Puntland president and the regional electoral commission outlined several reasons as to why the election could not take place on time.

Political parties claim there has been no public awareness campaign in Puntland, nor did the government provide the funds needed to support organizations.

Another reason for not holding elections was the impact of the federal election and the Puntland Interim Electoral Commission’s decision to base the election on a closed list.

The news comes as the Puntland Transitional Electoral Commission (TPEC3) has today printed the majority of the voter cards in the districts where the local council elections will take place.

Opponents of the primaries include President Deni’s KAAH Party.

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