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Puntland President criticizes Federal Electoral Law again

Garowe (SD) – Puntland President Said Deni, has criticized the Federal Somali electoral commission and responded to criticism from federal government ministers.

“The Federal Election Commission’s statement is not legal, its purpose is to undermine Puntland’s reconciliation efforts and its yet another step following the Federal Minister’s rebuke of the consultation conference”. Said Deni.

The Puntland president’s statement comes as the Federal election Commission supported the country’s electoral law.

The Somali Election Commission also appealed to the legislature today the implementation of party law in Somalia to hold the one-person one Vote.

The federal election process is a major sore spot between regional states and the Somali Federal government.

Its not clear whether Somalia will be ready for one person one vote in time for the next election cycle as the country long to go in clearing fundamental Hurdles.

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