African Express Airline breaches President Bihi’s Travel Ban

Hargeisa (SD) – An African Express flight from Mogadishu landed in Hargeisa Thursday, violating Somaliland’s flight ban due to fears of Corvid-19 pandemic.

The African Airlines Administration confirmed that the plane had arrived in Hargeisa for its regularly scheduled flight, carrying only passengers and not bringing any cargo from Mogadishu.

The move undermining Somaliland’s decision to suspend flights from Mogadishu, after the federal government recently announced that a case of coronavirus was found in Mogadishu.

Sources working at the Egal Airport told somalidispatch.com that Abdi Mohamed Rodol, Director General of Somaliland Aviation overruled the president’s ban.

Mr. Rodol and the African Express Airways Representative are related thus clearing their flights to land in Hargeisa despite the fears of the virus.

The African Express flights are the only ones allowed to land in Hargeisa, all other flights are subject to the ban.

The government of Somaliland didn’t yet address the African Express aircraft that landed in Hargeisa, breaching its Mogadishu embargo.

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