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Puntland President Pledges to work with President Qorqor

Garowe (SD) – Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, in a speech tonight, acknowledged Ahmed Abdi Qorqor as the new Galmudug State President.

President Deni commended former Galmudug President Guelleh Haf, who has agreed to work with Galmudug’s new president, Qorqor, after a long dispute over the Dhusamareb elections.

He also praised President Qorqor for his efforts in reconciling the people of Galmudug, referring to him as “President Qorqor” as an official recognition of his presidency.

Puntland previously opposed the Federal Governments support of Qorqor’s election and sided with both Ahlu Sunna and former President Guelleh Haf.

The Federal Government of Somalia is yet to address the new and positive political devolement in Galmudug.

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