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Puntland President Pledges to work with President Qorqor

Garowe (SD) – Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni, in a speech tonight, acknowledged Ahmed Abdi Qorqor as the new Galmudug State President.

President Deni commended former Galmudug President Guelleh Haf, who has agreed to work with Galmudug’s new president, Qorqor, after a long dispute over the Dhusamareb elections.

He also praised President Qorqor for his efforts in reconciling the people of Galmudug, referring to him as “President Qorqor” as an official recognition of his presidency.

Puntland previously opposed the Federal Governments support of Qorqor’s election and sided with both Ahlu Sunna and former President Guelleh Haf.

The Federal Government of Somalia is yet to address the new and positive political devolement in Galmudug.

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  1. Puntland: The mother of evil in Somalia.
    Puntland never fails to take advantage of any crisis in Somalia. It incites the endless feuds between the Federal Somali Governement and the regional states. It never contributes to the stablization of the country or the in the fight against Alshabaab. Let us not kid ourselves, Puntland never wanted united government in Galmudug or any other region in Somalia. Puntland claims Jubaland State where the local populace in that region is marginalized and terrorized in their homes. The expansionist policy of Puntland is the the real cause of the death and destruction in the outskirts of Kismayo. Puntland claims large swaths of Somaliland on the basis of tribal leanage and creates war in that peaceful region. Someone has to stop the boundless ambition of the tribalists in Growe.

    Now that the divided factions in Gulmudug decided to stand up for Galmugug, the mother of evil is pretending to be welcoming that development. If Puntland is genuine in their desire to welcome peace in Galmugug, why were they supporting Ahlu Sunna and Ahmed Ducale Haaf and were opposing the efforts of the FSG to form government there. As the Qur’an said “Hypocrites are in the lower rung of hell”.

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