Talks Between Somalia & Somaliland Is A Waste Of Time

For the last few weeks and so, our ears were listening some how or the other, that some sort of talks is going behind the curtain, between the dictators of Somaliland Professional Administration in Hargeisa and Farmajo’s tricky stance at Al-Shabab Capital ( what they call Mogadishu).

If you look deeply at these issues and how it processing, sponsored by the Ethiopian Prime Minister Mr. Abey Ahmed, who want to deceit Somalilanders intentionally. This assumption is baseless and is quite clear to every one that this kind of dialogue is unrealistic, waste of time. endless, have no common ground of honest intermediate mediators.

This kind of talks was already took place about 2-3 times before at London of UK, Turkey and Addis Ababa of Ethiopia, all became in vain ( unsuccessful) ended with no achievements or hope, so why we still pushing it further? At every day in and day out in occasional intervals? Because the two deaf soldiers want to keep on business with the Marehan Man nicknamed Farmajo. If you want the reason of why I said that on the above few lines? I have a very simple answer for you, that every one can understand it, please read the following two points.

(A) No one ( forget who is it). who ever come to power in Al-shababland ( Mogadishu) whether he is Farmajo or some body else, may be those who run past I.e.  Ali Mahdi, Abdilahi Yousuf, Sheikh Sharif, Hasan Sheikh, or those will come on chair a yet after Farmajo, would never ever said publicly under the sun shines or secretly, also may not be in the coming times ” We recognised Somaliland as an independent country” even if it takes beyond centuries and centuries. Surely they will never ever say that till the clock of doomsday sounds at last.

(B) This Professional Somaliland Region, will be as it was last 30 years and still remains unrecognised, it would never co-operate with so called south governance’s federal, no body can take it to Mogadishu because of simply reason ” They are scary of national up risings, even if they preferred to do their likes.” for that sake, those who live at Morgan’s house ” Xaafad-tootadda” or what they call presidential palace would remain a country of its own but not independent ( I mean Not recognised). 

These authorities of Hargeisa & Mogadishu, should stop cheating of their people. The talks that I mentioned on top is completely unproductive, useless, waste of time and it has no value in either sides of this counterparts, because neither Somalia nor Somaliland, will not get or reach it’s target objectives of unification or Somaliland’s Recognition. They will meet again and again without bearing any sweet fruit of agreements, Arguments after arguments and complaints of each other, expressions of dissatisfaction, with every day annoyances will bring nothing.

My readers, I want to ask you now,  What is the use of this talks? If the case is that and real, why the two rubbish administrations are telling lies to their nationals? While every fool of these countries’s ordinary people knows, the likes and dislikes of South and North of Ex-Somalia. whether you accept it or not, unification of these two parts is beyond the reach. It would never happen again as it was used to be one nation.*

N.B Lie Is Cheating.

By Abdi-Shotaly

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