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Puntland rejects the amendment of Somalia’s Constitution

GAROWE (SD) – Puntland State of Somalia says it strongly opposes and rejects any attempts to amend the Federal Constitution, as to safeguard the foundational principles and structure of federal governance in Somalia.

A press release from the Puntland Presidency indicated uncertainty about the legitimacy of the constitutional amendment, asserting that Puntland is not represented in the National Consultative Council (NCC) responsible for the process.

Puntland expresses deep concern over the actions of the Federal Government of Somalia, suggesting that they are attempting to amend the Federal Constitution without consensus, potentially endangering the unity and sovereignty of the Somali nation, as outlined in Articles 1, 1A, and 7 of the current Federal Constitution, according to an statement issued by the Puntland presidency.

Puntland has highlighted that the Somali Parliament does not possess the authority or the legal framework to enact a new constitution.

They further assert that they will not implement any unilateral changes to the country’s constitution.

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