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Puntland security forces on high alert in Garowe

GAROWE (SD) – The Puntland security forces held a meeting in Garowe, the capital of Nugal region, to discuss the security situation in the capital city.

Puntland Deputy Police Chief Gen. Aideed Ahmed Nur, the Governor of Nugal Region, the Nugal Regional Police Commander, the Mayor of the Puntland capital of Garowe, intellectuals, religious leaders and members of the public attended the conference.

The discussions between the members of the security forces centered on strengthening the security measures in the Puntland and averting drug vendors, and armed groups who cause disruptions in the city.

Nugal Police Commander Hussein Ali Mohamud released a press statement about the meeting, and confirmed that the police forces are vigilant to take all measures to ensure protection and security in Garowe.

The Commander urged the Garowe community to cooperate with the police with any information about Al-Shabaab in the city.

There have been a series of attacks and deadly clashes between the government forces and militants and drug traffickers in Garowe and other parts of Puntland.

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