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Puntland Seeks Praise for helping deportees

Garowe (SD) – Puntland expressed an outrage over a statement issued today by Somalia’s Union of Presidential Candidates condemning the deportation of Southerners from Las Anod.

Puntland’s Minister of State for Justice, Ilyas Abdi Dinih, lamented that the candidates’ press statement did not mention Puntland’s efforts in welcoming those deported by Somaliland, including women, children, youth and others.

“It is unfortunate that the Union of Candidates does not mention and talk about the goodness and responsibility of Puntland and its people to the people who fled Somaliland from the Sool region. Maybe these people are bothered by Puntland’s efforts and that it is a home for every Somali,” said Minister Dinih in a statement.

Council of Opposition Candidates Union critizesed the move by Somaliland to deport people from the south living in areas under the administration, especially in the town of Las Anod in the Sool region.

A statement from the candidates said they were opposed to the move and deplore the forced displacement of innocent Somalis and point out that this is an affront to Islam and Somali.

Finally, the candidates thanked the authorities and other Somalis for their commitment to helping those in need.

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