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Somaliland doubles down and orders the explosion of Southerners from Erigavo

Erigavo (SD) – Somaliland Government ordered more expulsions yesterday, this time turning it’s attention to traders from Somalia in Erigavo, giving them 15 days pack up and go.

Sanaag Regional Immigration Commander Said Egeh Mohamed, told local media, that the Somaliland government had ordered the expulsion of South West businessmen from the region.

“They will be expelled and no one can lie to them. They will leave in 15 days. That is the immigration law, and It says that foreigners and citizens are segregated. We recognize them as from Somalia and we are Somalilanders.” said the Commander.

The commander said they had already registered the names of the deportees and, at the same time, they are expected to leave by the 21st of October.

The order comes days after a recent protest in Erigavo calling on the Somaliland government to expel South West businessmen from the region.

The order also follows as the Somaliland government is deporting people from the South West region from Las Anod, after they were accused of being part of the insecurity and killings in Las Anod.

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