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Puntland: Students take secondary and middle schools Exams

Garowe (SD) – The National Certificate Examination for secondary and middle schools began this morning in all districts of Puntland state of Somalia.

The Puntland Ministry of Education says there has been an increase in the number of students taking the National Certificate Examinations this year compared to last year.

More than 17,730 students are taking the exam this year, ranging from students graduating from 8th grade and high school, according to the Puntland Minister of Education.

About 5,708 students will sit for the high school exams this year, according to officials at the Puntland Ministry of Education.

Also, 8,000 students in 8th grade will take the exams in Puntland today.

The Puntland Ministry of Education confirmed the exams started at the same time in all regions and districts of Puntland, and so far no issues have been reported.

In general, students in Puntland take the Certificate Examinations annually and are administered by the local administration, while other Regional States, student’s Certificate Exams are conducted by the Ministry of Education of the Federal Government of Somalia.

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