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Puntland suspends DP World agreement

Garowe (SD) – President Deni in an interview with Universal TV, discussed DP World’s management of Bossaso port, acknowledging that the port was facing administrative challenges.

President Deni said DP World had not fully implemented its agreement with Puntland, adding there are numerous challenges facing the agreement.

“DP World entered into the agreement with the previous Puntland government. It is true that DP World has done little to improve the port of Bossaso, but a month after I was elected a representative sent by DP World to develop the port was killed, there were projects to develop the port, his killing created a major obstacle, ”Deni said.

The president added after the assassination of the DP World agent, they started to manage the port from Dubai, forcing them to temporarily suspended DP World’s management of the port, in order to make a change.

In the interview, Puntland President Said Abdullahi Deni addressed a number of other issues, including the ongoing strained relations with the central government and its causes, inflation resulting from the rejection of the Somali shilling and the reasons behind it, his government’s arrest of journalists and lack of freedom of expression.

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